The Central Oregon Gives Program is thrilled to announce the that we exceeded our 2022 goal for fundraising. The 2022 Central Oregon Gives campaign brought in $1,027,263 in donations during its seven-week run — doubling our $500,000 goal.

Thank you to all our generous donors and our wonderful participating nonprofits. The nonprofit earning the most in donations in each category earns an extra $2,000 prize; in addition, the top-earning nonprofit earns a $15,000 prize from an anonymous donor. Read more about the success of last year’s program here.


Overall Winner: The Giving Plate

Category Winners

Animal Welfare: Street Dog Hero

Arts & Culture: World Muse

Education, Family & Children: Saving Grace

Health & Environment: Central Oregon Veteran’s Ranch

Most Donations $25 and Under: Desert Sky Montessori

Want to join us next year? Send us an email at to learn more!


Nonprofit Categories

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Animal Welfare
Arts & Culture
Basic Needs
Education, Family & Children
Health & Environment

Our Donors

Nick Millar

jennifer healy

Bob Oury

Lon & Sally Leneve

Suzan Frangos

Cynthia Magidson

Sarah Abbott

Molly Renner

Kathleen Ramsay

Therese O'Toole

Boyd & Pamela Lyle

Darcy Buckley

Leila Perry

Carolyn Savage

Laureen Hildebrandt

Cathey McCoun

Kathy Burkart

Celena Westlund

Isla Thordarson

Ruby Taschner

Linda Wunderman

Dick & Kathy Lord

Karen Girard

Mary Ann Brown

Lynda Quint

Matthew Wilson

Carole Tucker

Bonnie Davidson

Becky K Gamble

Pamela Mindt

Michelle Solley

Susan Strible

Ian Beihl

Karen Kopanou

Joseph Ray

Fred Owen

Missy Drury

Steve and Robin Sterba

John Thomas

nancy Jones

Valerie Latsen

Maria Lampros

Susanna and Jack Schlendorf

Kelly Ancel Hermann

Ruth Jones

Kiko Sweeney

Leah Gurganus

Kirk Whitney

karen levy

Julian Robins

Stephanie Swenson

Rose Kemper

Renee Brooke

Sharon Fletcher

Michael Reger

Michael Jarman

Sue Olson

Mark Quon

Amy Shlossman

Darren Burgess

Courteney Sutton

Marie Phillis

Dendree Knott

Laura Blossey

Leslie Randall

leroy ellis

Diane Barrett

Debra Reynolds

Gerald Hein

Janet Stevens

Tracie L Layman

Marla Manning

Kenneth Sunzeri

Sean Corrigan

Rebecca Graham

Maria Papaleo

Marie Shafer

Janet Weinmann

David Pendlebury

Richard Stoltze

David Kottkamp

Janet Hernandez

Valerie Niggel

Heather Bailey

Martha Hale

Julie Childress

Kimberly Lyon

Matt Giraud

Robert Ross

Stephanie Graverson

Connie Shuman

Linda Hankemeier

Bill Baker

Rick Phelps

Susan Levin

Mary Silva

Donna Dockins

Deli Thordarson

Carol Leslie

Heather Persons

Karen Schwartzrock

Scott Peront

Steven Guggenheimer

Joseph Rapp

Beverly Dubs

Susan Altman

Anne George and Jason Kropf

Nora Spangler

Eric Smith


Keith Orton

Steven Michel

Troy Brandt

Kyle Gorman

Alyce Drescher

Richard Robinson

Mary Anderson

Christine Moody

Katie Breene Scott Korn

Anne Monaco

Kristi Thompson

ashley hasson

David and Grace Duerson

Richard & Karen Maunder

Jason Kropf

Judith Boone

Sandy Smith

Janice Stuermer

mary pohl


Alexa Scholz

John Luria

Kathryn Poulsen Wood


Dan Wagner

Michael Moyer

Mark Flory

Anthony DiGirolamo

Alex Weiss


Colleen Buchanan

Paula Matthieu


Laurie Schick

El;izabeth Zamora

Jason Wiener

Vicky Martin

Patricia Sullivan

Bruce Brody-Heine


The gift that keeps on giving! Top performing nonprofits will earn extra cash at the end of the campaign.

Top Fundraiser Overall
Top Fundraiser Per Category
Most Donations of $25 or Less