We are excited for another year of giving!

The Central Oregon Gives Program is excited to start a new cycle of giving for 2022. This year’s campaign officially launches on Wednesday, November 9th.


-Research nonprofits using this website!

-Choose the nonprofit of your choice to donate

-Click the donate now button and use a card to donate

-For every donation of $25 or more you get the weekly incentive! Give generously!

-Visit local businesses to redeem your special gifts by Jan. 15, 2023

-Watch the donations roll in and see who wins the big prize!


52% funded
We’ve raised $262,162 out of our $500,000 goal!

Incentives of the Week

December 7–13

Donate $25 or more and receive a thank you gift from this week’s generous local sponsors. Each week will feature one to two thank you gifts plus an entry to win a prize. Check back each week for new gifts.

Gifts are redeemable onsite starting the following Wednesday after your donation and must be claimed by January 15, 2023.

Backporch Coffee Roasters

1 Free Coffee Drink of Your Choice. (Value not to exceed $5; Redeemed at Franklin location only)

High Desert Frameworks

$8 value can be applied to a free 8×10 (per person) or $8 off a larger print

Worthy Brewing

Be Entered to Win $100 Gift Card to Worthy Brewing

Nonprofit Categories

Select a category to find your favorite cause or discover a nonprofit to support.

Animal Welfare
Arts & Culture
Basic Needs
Education, Family & Children
Health & Environment

Our Donors

Mónica Gracia

Salvador Ramos

Grant Ortman

Tere Costa

Cindy Connitt

Salvador Gallart

Amanda Brack

Loreto Ropero

Eugenio Ferrández

Mary K Dammarell

Megan Smith

Cruz Canet

Malena Vicente

Tammy Bly

Teodoro Cerdá

Julie Kroeplin-Slack

Luisina Mata

Darryl Wolfe

Michele Pedrosa

Natasha West

Samanta Leonel

Adam Davis

Robin McQuiston

Josh Lucas

Katy & Gary Yoder

Calista Montenegro

Terese J

Alba Cano

Starling Roberts

Marianela Olmedo

Audrey Tehan

Mary Chun

Kathryn Cook

Tere Arcos

Deborah Stutz

Adelardo Luz

Adelardo Canet

Sophie Calme

Maximiliano Gelabert

Feather Graham

Katie Roberts

Marianela Manuel

Jerónimo Torrens

Remedios Cano

Samanta Lastra

Jeremías Bernal

Fortunato Zabala

Emrah Yaman

Carmina Gelabert

Michael J Woods

Willow Seronko

Elizabeth Wasserman

Olegario Severo

Sue Dziuban

James Larsen

Jody Saffert

Piper Muoio

Silvestre Olmedo

mary ann o major

Íngrid Toledo

Cary Fisher

James Cordes

Evangelina Diaz

Jim Vernon

Donese Pogue

Mariano Martín

Douglas Gubbins

Obdulia Narváez

Silvestre Eligia

Vicente Montenegro

Enrique Cámara

Agustín Epifanio

Salvador Feliu

Lorenzo Costa

Ken Bierly

Joel Macías

Agustín Ribas

Mónica Quintanilla

jolene estimo

Ellen O'Brien

Gabriela Amo

Mauricio Ferrán

Virgilio Exposito

Elisa Schwake

Ale Leonel

Candelario Diego

Jessica Spoelstra

Agustín Arribas

Pastor Estevez

Haley Overton

Barbara A Broken Angel Food Truck

Kim and Ed Moller

Loreto Quintanilla

Teodoro Nacio

Lamont Boileau

Dale & Gail Stockamp

Denise Hewes

Rubén Gomila

Eugenio Miguel

Cheryl Miller

Salomón Alfonso

Sarah Lauderdale

Heather Bose

Sean Reinhart

Obdulia Eulalia

Candice Amens

Luisina Diaz

Silvestre Pánfilo

Judith Estevez

Anna Darby

Rodrigo Segura

Loreto Seco

Margaret Goldberg

Margaret & Steve Doman

Judy Lippold

Nannette McNally

Joel Julie

Phyllis Barnett

Thomas Waldron

Ángela Ponce

Clímaco Costa

Jeremías Zabala

Rebeca Gelabert

Karin & Lex Grecu

Chus España

Anne Jenkins

Jessica Hudes

Kimber Bowman

Ann Hanson

Marta Cerdá

Erin Miller

Tere Alcántara

Jerónimo Ripoll

Ken Betschart

Kim Walter

Jerónimo Tamarit

Joan Sanmiguel

Carmina Estevez

Joan Mayo

Jason Ullman

Pete Sandgren

Shannon Rangel

Court Ballinger

Linda Torres

Eustaquio Narváez

Virgilio Eulalia

Mark Leckband

Rob Garrott

Ramón Mínguez

Colleen Goldblatt


The gift that keeps on giving! Top performing nonprofits will earn extra cash at the end of the campaign.

Top Fundraiser Overall
Top Fundraiser Per Category
Most Donations of $25 or Less