1000 Friends of Oregon

For nearly 50 years, 1000 Friends of Oregon has defended and protected Central Oregon’s family farms and forests, promoted livable rural and urban communities, and held back sprawl into the natural landscapes we hold dear. Our simple but extraordinarily successful strategy is to focus on where it all starts: right under our feet, with how we use the land. Oregon’s visionary land use laws were enacted to ensure a better future for everyone. 1000 Friends has been their champion from the beginning.

This winter, we’re amplifying our commitment to Central Oregon with our first Land Use Leadership Institute, teaching 25 forward-thinking advocates how to shape land use decisions at the local level. After the series wraps up in the spring, they’ll have powerful tools to preserve farms, forests and ranch lands, build climate-friendly communities that reduce commutes and keep our air clean, and prevent hazardous growth in high-risk wildfire zones.

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1000 Friends of Oregon


133 SW 2nd Ave., Ste 201, Portland, OR 97204

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(503) 497-1000




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