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Mentorship remains one of the most powerful tools we have to close the gap between people and possibility. The power of mentorship lies in the moments that spark curiosity, aspiration, and inspire potential. Maybe it was the coach who encouraged you to keep going. The guidance counselor who insisted your dreams were within reach. Even the littlest moments can grow into big ones – with a little encouragement, a little hope, and a little inspiration.

You don’t need to have a specific title, a degree, or any special qualifications other than being compassionate, patient, and accepting. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be present. It takes a little time, a little encouragement and a laugh or two, so that every child has what—and who—they need to achieve a BIG and brighter future.

90% of Bigs with Big Brothers Big Sisters are proud of their time mentoring. 85% of alumni believe their involvement changed their life for the better. Mentors, called Bigs, say they benefitted from their mentorship relationship just as much, if not more, than their Littles.

You have a big opportunity in front of you—to not only impact a child’s life today, but to transform their potential for tomorrow.

Become a Mentor. Go Big Today.

We’re always looking for people eager to positively impact a child and improve their community at the same time. Big Brothers are especially in high demand. Nationwide, more than 70% of children waiting for a Big are boys, but only 3 out of every 10 inquiries to volunteer come from men. Research shows that having the positive influence of a mentor makes a real difference in a kid’s life.

For a few hours, a couple times a month, you can give a Little the invaluable gift of your friendship. By simply changing their perspective of what the world can offer, you can literally start changing their life. Play a board game. Make fun crafts. Hit the playground together. Just as your options are unlimited, so is your Little’s potential. It takes LITTLE to be BIG.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon


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