Deschutes Children’s Foundation

Deschutes Children’s Foundation envisions a community where all children and families have the resources they need to thrive. At our four locations, nonprofits work together to improve the lives of kids in Deschutes County. Deschutes Children’s Foundation brings the crucial work of our nonprofit partners together. Resources are shared, costs are lowered, and more vulnerable people find the help they need.

Over 17,500 children and families receive help from Deschutes Children’s Foundation partners every year. By partnering with Deschutes Children’s Foundation, local nonprofits save over $1,250,000 annually in funds that are directly invested into childcare, preschool, mentoring for at-risk youth, child abuse prevention and intervention, and social service resources for underserved children and families. Through this partnership, programs serving children and families are more efficient and sustainable. Moreover, children and families are able to access more opportunities for help in convenient, welcoming locations.

Funds donated to Deschutes Children’s Foundation support our mission to provide the space and support where nonprofits succeed at helping children and families.

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Deschutes Children's Foundation


1010 NW 14th St Bend, OR 97701

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(541) 388-3101



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