Ember’s Wildflower Animal Sanctuary and Bunny Rescue

At Ember’s our main focus is taking in unwanted bunnies (including special needs), spay/neuter, provide proper bunny care education, then adopt into loving, indoor homes. Being the only bunny rescue in Central Oregon since January 2019, we’ve taken in 234 bunnies, spay/neutered 162; adopted out 134 as of 10/11/2021 and rely solely on volunteers and donations.
We built a new bunny barn which allows us to take in 3x the amount of bunnies surrendered and we’re already full. We’ve made such a huge difference in the lives of bunnies so far and would benefit from any help provided.


$30 will feed a bunny

$30 will vaccinate/microchip a bunny

$100 will neuter a bunny

$150 will spay a bunny

$120 will pay for a teeth trim

$210 will pay for tooth removal



The gift that keeps on giving! Top performing nonprofits will earn extra cash at the end of the campaign.

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