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Every year in the tri-county area, over 400 Central Oregon children and families are impacted by foster care. At any point in time, about 250 children are in foster care with a disproportionate availability of a mere 172 certified resource (foster) homes tri-county. The majority of Central Oregon’s current resource providers are certified to care only for children related to them; leaving very few general homes who can care for any child in the foster care system. Due to the lack of adequate general foster homes, children all too often experience frequent placement disruption and separation from siblings. Every Child Central Oregon is determined and hopeful in our mission to improve upon the trauma and mental health effects placement issues can create for a child in foster care; offering no-to-low barrier opportunities to volunteer, donate, and learn more about becoming a resource family. We dream of a day where there are more providers than children in care, ensuring that every child has a safe and loving home to be in during their time in care.

Through our My NeighbOR tangible goods program, we provide essentially needed tangible items to children and families impacted by foster care. My NeighbOR relies on the generosity and mobilization of the community to meet these needs and provides people with a way to impact a child’s life. Since the launch of My NeighbOR, in May of 2020, we have fulfilled over 3,000 tangible items through the generosity of Central Oregon community members and businesses!

Learn more about how to get involved and make a real difference in a Central Oregon child’s life today by connecting with us at: www.everychildoregon.org/centraloregon

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Every Child Central Oregon


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