Furry Freight Shelter Transport

The mission of Furry Freight Shelter Transport is to save lives by providing transport for dogs and cats from overpopulated areas to reduce euthanasia of adoptable pets. We drive as far as Oklahoma and Texas to pick up these pets from our partners that are desperate to save them. Each pet is evaluated behaviorally and medically, then selected by our receiving partners throughout the Pacific Northwest. Most of the pets we transport are adopted into loving homes in less than a week, many within a few hours.


Thus far we have transported 733 pets to safety, with an increasing number saved each year. Your gift of $30 will pay for the transport of one dog or cat from an overpopulated area where they are at risk of euthanasia, to our partners in the PNW where there is space and loving families ready to adopt. Check out more ways to help shelter pets on our website at https://furryfreight.org/help

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Furry Freight Shelter Transport


PO Box 93 Bend, OR 97709




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