Healing Reins Equine Assisted Services

At Healing Reins, we provide a wide range of programs to meet diverse needs. From Adaptive Horsemanship lessons and Equine-Assisted Mental Health and Learning programs to Heroes Horsemanship for veterans and first responders, we tailor our services to empower our Central Oregon community. We also offer Making Connections, a memory care focused service, and Substance Use Disorder Treatment group services at our new Tumalo location.

We currently serve approximately 180 participants per week.

$25 – Helps with weekly marketing materials for outreach to our more rural central Oregon communities that will be able to better access services from our new Tumalo location
$50 – Helps keep our tack up to date and provides our participants and horses a comfortable ride
$100 – Helps to fund horse enrichment supplies like scratch pads, treat toys, and more
$200– Helps us enhance our volunteer experience at the barn for over 80 weekly volunteers needed to make our lessons happen
$500 – Helps us continue to offer a subsidized rate and open up additional scholarships to participants across all of our services
$1000 — Helps fund and outfit the brand new second site: Healing Reins @ Cline Falls (located in Tumalo) and making the necessary ADA additions so that we can begin offering all services there in Spring
$2500—Funds 2 months of free Heroes Horsemanship sessions for Veterans and 1st Responders
$3000 – Sponsor a Healing Herd member for 1 year!

All of these donation amounts allow us to serve more youth and families in our community.

Thank you for your support.

Contact Information


Healing Reins Equine Assisted Services


60575 Billadeau Road, Bend OR 97702

Phone Number:

(541) 382-9410




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