Hearts Unknown Education (HÚE)

As a parent, nothing hurts more than when your child is suffering. But when they flourish, you want to shout it from the rooftops!

Hearts Unknown Education (HÚE) is a dynamic nonprofit organization that guides young people who are struggling emotionally with a unique offering of imaginative experiences in a safe and supportive environment. With an emphasis on “creative wellness,” HÚE provides free weekly classes for youth to express themselves through art, connect with one another, and learn to appreciate their special talents and perspectives. HÚE is dedicated to supporting families in maintaining a connection to their children, in finding community resources, and above all finding a safe space to express themselves.

Our goal is to be there daily for children, giving them a place to create and connect. Your donations will ensure that these kids have art workshops, mental health support, and a safe place to land. We believe if you can’t say it, paint it!

What your donation will do:
• Expand class availability and offerings
• Help secure a dedicated art space
• Provide materials for students to express themselves
• Increase access to qualified mental health support
• Allow more Central Oregon children to access community resources

Contact Information


Nicola Carpinelli


DIY Cave - 444 SE 9th Street, Suite #150, Bend OR 97702

Phone Number:

(541) 213-0679




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