Oregon Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association

Our mission is to preserve Oregon’s magnificent dark skies and to diminish light pollution for the health, safety, and well-being of all life.

We celebrate and promote responsible outdoor lighting. We aim to conserve energy, enhance safety and security, safe-guard human health, protect wildlife, and preserve the cultural heritage of Oregon’s star-filled night-time sky. We promote dark skies, not dark ground!

Since our founding in 2019 we have established a night sky darkness measurement network at 36+ sites in the state – 12 of them in central Oregon. Our measurements in Bend show an increase of light pollution of 5% to 7% per year since mid-2019, evidence that our starry night skies are disappearing. It doesn’t have to be. Education can stem the tide!

We have shepherded Sunriver and Prineville Reservoir State Park to achieve certification as Dark Sky Places and are currently working with seven additional parks and communities toward certification as Dark Sky Places – four in central Oregon. Dark Sky Places provide an educational and economic, astrotourism benefit.

Donations support educational outreach, measurement equipment and software, and dark sky place certification costs. Your donation can help bring back starry night skies to central Oregon. Starry nights for all!

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Oregon Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association


P.O. Box 777, Bend, Oregon 97709




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