Think Wild is a nonprofit wildlife center serving all of Central Oregon. Our mission is to inspire our high desert community to care for and protect native wildlife through education, conservation, rescue and rehabilitation.

We operate a wildlife hotline to respond to questions and provide rescue and rehabilitation for injured and orphaned wildlife for release back to the wild. We also host youth and community education programs throughout the region, increasing public awareness of how to support and live with Central Oregon wildlife. Our conservation programs include wildlife habitat plantings and restoration projects, as well as wildlife management services to prevent human-wildlife conflicts.

$25 feeds baby birds for 1 week
$50 builds a nest box to support local wildlife
$100 provides an education program for underserved students in Central Oregon
$300 feeds a bird of prey for 3 months (the average stay of a raptor patient at Think Wild)
$500 buys native plants for habitat restoration projects
$2000 supports new wildlife enclosures

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Think Wild


62410 Erikson Rd., Bend OR 97701

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